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Ceramic Ball
Ceramic Ball offered by us are commonly used in filtering systems for the removal of very fine impurities that make suitable in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and various other industries. Get these products from us in bulk at a reasonable price range. 
Alumina Ball
We are dealing in the manufacturing and supplying of top-quality Alumina Ball that are used as adsorbents for the efficient reduction of ppm levels of hard elements such as fluoride and arsenic to make liquids free from impurities. 

Nitrogen Plant
Nitrogen Plant are sturdy industrial units that are designed and developed by our skilled professionals by using premium-quality materials and top-class filtering elements. Get these industrial machines from us at a reasonable price range. 
Industrial Valves
Industrial Valves are control units that are designed to adjust the flow rate within the pipelines as per the system requirements. There are many different types of such plumbing fittings availed by us as per customer demands. 
Electric Products
Buy from our wide range of Electric Products that can be used in domestic as well as electrical applications to build highly reliable electrical channels to transfer current. Customers can get these products from us at a reasonable price range. 
Activated Carbon Products
We are a big name that deals in the manufacturing of top-grade Activated Carbon Products that are available in various forms such as powder, pellets, and many more. Buy from us these products in large volumes at a low price. 

Pneumatic Pipe Fitting
Pneumatic Pipe Fitting accessories are utilized to control pressurized air that pass through the actuators for smooth functioning of pneumatic drives. Available in different specifications, these accessories have long working life.

House Wire
Provided range of house wires is accessible in twin twisted and FR rated specifications. These thermally insulated PVC wires are appreciated for their high strength, ease of installation and long life span.

Air System Products
Air System Products offered by us include desiccant based air drying systems and air pressure gauges. All the products of this category have been precision designed to meet specific application needs of different industries.

Carbon Granules
Available in 98% pure form, this range of carbon granules is used for water treatment purpose. These granules contain iron, ash and acid in precise amount. Maximum moisture content of these carbon based substances is 5%.

Air Dryer Repairing Services
Air Dryer Repairing Services are rendered under the supervision of expert personnel. As part of these services, damaged air dryers are checked thoroughly so that their components can be repaired or replaced.

Carbon Sieves
Carbon sieves are well known for their strong adsorption capacity. These molecular sieves are used for generation of nitrogen from air under low pressure and normal temperature condition. These carbon products need to be stored away from air.

Nuts Bolts & Screw
Available in different specifications, this range of Nuts Bolts & Screws is used as suitable fastening accessories in different industries. These fastening materials can be availed in different head design, threading standard and surface finish based choices. 

Molecular Sieves
Known for their highly porous structure, this range of molecular sieves is used for effective removal of moisture from gas streams, air used by firefighter and also by scuba drivers. 

Filter Element
This array of Filter Elements has significant role in purification of water. Application of these filter components can be noticed in chemical plants, food processing units etc. These elements are offered in different specifications.

Water Filter
Water Filter accessories offered by us are well known for their ergonomic design, excellent filtration performance and long lasting quality. Offered filter accessories are recyclable for their non toxic content.

Desiccant Heatless Air Dryer
Desiccant Heatless Air Dryer manufactured and supplied by us are designed to retain the heat of adsorption while drying process. These units are designed by our skilled professionals that make them highly efficient and robust. 
Pneumatic Pipe Fittings
Our company deals in the manufacturing and supplying of top-grade Pneumatic Pipe Fittings that are available in many different shapes and sizes as per application areas. These fitting components are commonly used in low to high-pressure air-powered systems for safe and efficient functioning. 
Nickel Catalyst
We are offering high-quality Nickel Catalyst that are commonly used in petrochemical industries for the hydrogenation of various types of polyunsaturated compounds during steam cracking. Buy from us these industrial substances at a low price range. 
Cable Tie
PP or PVC made plastic cable ties are used for fixing of electrical cables. Medium density construction, ability to endure high working temperature and pressure are some of their key aspects.

Dew Point Sensor
Dew Point Sensor are high-performance measuring devices that can be used in commercial and industrial systems to measure dew point. Get these devices from us in large quantities at a reasonable and low price range. 
Pressure Gauge
Pressure Gauge are highly calibrated instruments that are used for the measurement of pressure within air-powered systems. These instruments are provided with a steel casing that gives higher strength and durability that ultimately resulting in longer life and capability to withstand high pressure. 
Air Vessel
Mild steel or stainless steel made air receiver vessels have been developed as per ASME and IS specifications.  These vessels are 300 kg in weight and have seamless surface finish.

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